Permanent Eyebrows, Perth  
Beautiful brows needn’t be a thing of the past!

The natural and inevitable ageing process or past fashion trends to shave or over pluck have left a lot of women unhappy with their Eyebrows.

The application of Permanent Eyebrows allows you to regain your looks and eliminates the inconvenience of applying and reapplying Makeup throughout the day. Forget about what your Eyebrows look like and enjoy the confidence and freedom of knowing you always look and feel great.

I can colour and shape your brows to match your current or most appropriate brow colour. The colour is applied using a hairstroke/feathered technique to achieve the most natural look. However some people prefer a more solid, filled in brow. It is of utmost importance that you and I spend time prior to applying your colour on the day of your treatment so that you and I are very clear on what you do and don’t like.

Feathered Brows / Microblading

Feathered brows? Micro blading? Nothing new, just new names for techniques I've been doing here in Perth, Western Australia, for over 20 years. My description of the 'look' has always been 'Hairstrokes'. Brows can have 'feathering/hairstrokes' applied with either a machine or a hand tool or combination of the two.

Obviously hand tools (manual method) was being used long before motorised tools were invented and now both are available for use to create colour, shape and styles in skin

Fine ‘hairstrokes’ are created where hair is sparse or non-existent in the brow shape.

The style I do is to create the most natural look or if you prefer, a bolder crisper look and anything in between. Thorough consultation with you on the day of your treatment and prior to applying the colour makes sure you are fully informed before and during your treatment and in decision making and choices along the way.

I will help and advise you of the differences in the look, the combinations of applications that create different outcomes and you'll see the results incrementally through your treatment.

In all cases of styles the equipment I use is single-use and therefore no chance of any cross-infection. I strictly adhere to all hygiene and sterility guidelines as set out by WA Health Dept.

I do not charge you extra to have different style brows – the cost to perform the procedure is the same whether you’d like feathered/hairstroke look, soft pencilled fill in, bold/dark/crisp/strong and combinations of any of the above. The technique to create the feather/hairstrokes is completely by the hand control of the operator.

Feather/Hairstrokes will not likely have longevity of stronger colour brows given that there is less colour implanted into the skin.

Thank you kindly to the brave and generous clients who have provided permission for their photos to appear on my website.

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Methods of applying Permanent Eyebrows
There are two main methods of applying colour to the skin, one is with a manual device and one is with a machine. It all comes down to the experience of the person applying the colour and the quality of the colours and other products used. Of course, in the wrong hands things can go wrong. That’s why you should only trust a specialist with this procedure.

I use the machine method, thereby taking the best care of your skin and the least application time. All equipment complies strictly with WA Health Department regulations and in fact is single use and disposable.

What will it look like?
We will spend time drawing and discussing style, shape and colour prior to commencing colour application. I will always offer my professional opinion when it comes to your shape and colour, but ultimately it is most important that you are happy with your look.

The most natural look is the most popular preference, but it really is a case of what is right for you, your appearance and lifestyle and also the look you are used to.

Follow up
For New Treatments I will see you for two visits, usually about one month apart. After the first visit, the colour needs a settling time in the skin and this also gives us the opportunity to err on the side of caution.

In most cases we tread conservatively during the first visit and then are able to make any minor adjustments to colour and shape at your second visit, allowing you to become accustomed to the colour and shape. Most people feel, like me, that it is always more preferable to add more at a later date than over compensate initially.

New or Repair/Corrective - Includes 2 Visits

Brows: $450

Retouch per visit

Brows - $225

Brows can be completed with feathered/feathering/hairstroke, soft pencilled or strong bold design - and combinations of all styles. There is no extra charge for Feathering of brows.

Feathering/Feathered/Hairstrokes indicates the appearance of brow hairs to look natural with 'hairs' between existing brow hair or throughout if hairs minimal or non-existent.


All treatments require between 3 and 6 weeks minimum between visits.

Mostly only one retouch is required. However it depends on your skin/healing/colour/etc. Therefore a second visit after one month maybe required and is charged as a single visit as priced per retouch.

EG: After two visits if and when required a fee of $125 applies per visit up to two months after the second visit.

EG: Brow treatment 1 Jan $225, Brow Treatment 1 Feb $225, Brow treatment 1 Mar $125.

No fees are charged for use of Visa or Mastercard.



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