Permanent Eyeliner, Perth  
Permanent Eyeliner application eliminates the hassle of applying pencil every day. This treatment is also great for women who have trouble applying Eyeliner due to arthritis, poor vision or other conditions.

I can apply anything from soft grey or light taupe, through to dark brown or black for a ‘barely there’, thicker lash look or you may prefer a thicker line and stronger outcome.

Designer Eyeliner
Broader darker colour at the lashes and which can fade out to softer colour or colour can be applied to both the wetline of the eyelid and the eyelashes for thicker colour. The best examples for this style would be Sophia Loren and Cleopatra. Designer Eyeliner is likely to produce increased swelling and bruising following the treatment on the delicate skin around the eyes. It is likely also that a third visit may be required (see notes above).

Methods of applying Permanent Eyeliner
There are two main methods of applying colour to the skin, one is with a manual device and one is with a machine. It all comes down to the experience of the person applying the colour and the quality of the colours and other products used. Of course, in the wrong hands things can go wrong. That’s why you should only trust a specialist with this procedure.

I use the machine method, thereby taking the best care of your skin and the least application time. All equipment complies strictly with WA Health Department regulations and are single use and disposable.

What will it look like?
We will spend time drawing and discussing style, shape and colour prior to commencing colour application. I will always offer my professional opinion when it comes to your shape and colour, but ultimately it is most important that you are happy with your look. The most natural look is the most popular preference, but it really is a case of what is right for you, your appearance and lifestyle. However on the day of the treatment the colour can look much stronger and needs up to a week to settle.

New or Repair/Corrective – Includes 2 Visits

Eyeliner - Upper & Lower - $500
Eyeliner - Upper or Lower - $450

Retouch per visit

Eyeliner - Upper & Lower - $250
Eyeliner - Upper or Lower - $225


All treatments require between 3 and 6 weeks minimum between visits.

Mostly only one retouch is required. However it depends on your skin/healing/colour/etc. Therefore a second visit after one month maybe required and is charged as a single visit as priced per retouch.

EG: After two visits if and when required a fee of $125 applies per visit up to two months after the second visit.

EG: Brow treatment 1 Jan $225, Brow Treatment 1 Feb $225, Brow treatment 1 Mar $125.

No fees are charged for use of Visa or Mastercard.


For a reply phone call please phone 9315 9810, Text: 0421 813 996
or contact Carmel, Permanent Makeup Specialist

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