This is the process of working on the skin in a manner that will encourage your collagen to fill beneath the skin. Therefore not injecting ‘Fillers’ into the skin. The effect is progressive and can take from one month to several months where you will see a gradual improvement in the filled and softened effect of the line or skin area.

Needling may be done in a specific ‘line’ like between the brows for instance. It may also be for a larger area for firming and collagen filling for instance fine lines and loose skin over the forehead, cheeks, neck. It is also very successful for burns and skin grafts where the skin is not smooth and has healed too tight.

The skin is very red on completion and it is necessary to wait a minimum of one month for you to assess if you need further treatment.


Medical Tattooing – Priced per visit, minimum one month apart.

Areola - $250.00 per visit– regardless of whether Unilateral or Bilateral

Scar/Vitiligo/Hypopigmentation - $250.00 per visit.

Needling – Per Visit, Min 6 Weeks apart

Full Face - $800.00
Neck - $600.00
Half Face – Upper/lower/left/right - $400.00
Single Area – eg between brows - $200.00

No fees are charged for use of Visa or Mastercard.

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