Permanent Makeup can achieve fantastic results for people who have experienced skin damage after surgery. Breast/Nipple after Mastectomy, breast scars, animal bites to the face etc, Hypopigmentation (white scars after a burn, cut, scratch), Alopecia, Vitiligo, Skin Grafts, Burns... All of which and many more are assessed on an individual basis just as with any other procedure.

What will it look like?
We will spend time drawing and discussing the colour and appearance of your Permanent colour treatment prior to commencing colour application. I will always offer my professional opinion, but ultimately it is most important that you are happy with the result. The aim is to restore the affected area to as close to its original appearance as possible. However on the day of the treatment the colour can look much stronger and needs up to a week to settle.


Medical Tattooing – Priced per visit, minimum one month apart.

Areola - $250.00 per visit– regardless of whether Unilateral or Bilateral

Scar/Vitiligo/Hypopigmentation - $250.00 per visit.

Needling – Per Visit, Min 6 Weeks apart

Full Face - $800.00
Neck - $600.00
Half Face – Upper/lower/left/right - $400.00
Single Area – eg between brows - $200.00

No fees are charged for use of Visa or Mastercard.

For a reply phone call please phone 9315 9810, Text: 0421 813 996
or contact Carmel, Permanent Makeup Specialist

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